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Ive always wanted to do something with my s14, but never got the money or time to do it. Until now! My plan was to build an sr20det with forged internals with some more power, i had to choose what make i wanted to use for my pistons and rods. i went for the CP Carillo forged pistons and forged Eagle rods, pretty much because ive heard positive things of them and the fact they where on sale! That saved me for a good amount of money so first off, i took the engine out. Found some oil leaks, both big and small.

After the engine was out, i found 3-4 rusty places with holes thru. This needs to get fixed before the car gets back on the road. We knew from erlier that we had alot of work do do, but when we saw the rust and places it probably doubled the time. But thats how it is with cars, you have an estimated time you want to use. But you got no chance in hell to follow and stick to that!

After locating the holes, i figured out that i need to remove pretty much everything in the enginebay. This includes the harness to the ECU, and all other cables.

the engine bay is ribbed, ABS unit is out, breake booster is mostly out and all cables are loose, headlights are gone, intercooler w/ pipings, and the front bumper holder are also laying behind the car

As i said,i went for the CP Carillo postons! ive heard good things about them so i will give them a shot!

Price wise, they where not cheap! but at the same time not too expensive

And the Eagle rods. They look awesome, and seems to be machined the correct way! They feel good, and you can easily tell that with these ill be good for around 350-400whp

The next step was to send the engine for a resurface, this will make the top and buttom close to 100% flat. I also got the cylinder walls borred up from 86mm to 86,5mm due the fact that the engine had some minor scratches and the lower cylinder walls. So we borred it up to get rid of that. I did not change compression ration on the new pistons. So stock compression is what i will be running, i will also be running 98 Octan, but with the option to run E85 with Flexfuel

The engine got back, and was looking awesome!

So at this point i need new Rod bearings, and crank bearings. I need stock dim on them, but ive not made any decision on what make to go for yet. i know stock bearings probably will hold. but if i go for some stronger ones i got a pretty bullet proof buttom end. Im also in need of some ARP Studs for my top and a headgasket. I will probably go for the Apexi one, since i know it can hold alot of power.

Since im still in the thinking box on what make etc to go for. I started with removing rust thats in the engine bay and the entire front suspension with wheels etc. This made it alot easier to work. and of course let me see if there was any more that needed to be fixed.

Me and a friend found out where the rust stopped, and then cut the piece out so we could weld a new part in there. But we quickly saw that this would take time, since i personally have no clue on how to weld. and my friends knows, but life calls.

That left me with another choise! i asked another friend if he knew someone that could take a look at it. and about 30 min later a guy stands outside knocking on the door! He really do knows how to do this, so i figured out that i would hire him to do the job, while im focusing on the engine build! if i want to get the car back on the road before the summer arrives.

About 4-5 hours later 1 of the holes looks like they should! and you can bearly see that its been done anything there.

So while the engine bay is getting fixed, i had a few parts that was rusty and not good looking. So i picked up a sandblasting cabinet and went over the parts. it turned out pretty good!

This image is before and after the sandblasting, took about 40 min to do both of these. And im happy with how good they turned out

Most of the welding in the enginebay is done! and its looking better than it has in a few years.

As the engine block was done and ready to begin the assambly, i had to make sure that my piston rings had the correct gap. I personally had no tools and knowlege about this, so i reached out to the same guy who did the bore and resurfac on the block. He fixed it pretty quick. Then i had to make sure that both main and rod bearings where inside of the clearance limit that the service manual says. I got some Plastigage and used that between the bearings and crank, i torqued down and messured how wide the plastic was, using the indicator thats following.

Main bearings had a little more clearance than OEM but thats good, since i will be needing more oil with higher horsepower setup.

The engine block looks good, all pistons and rods are in, and torqued down to the specs. The egle rods are torqued down to 43ft/lbs and the bolts for holding the crank is torqued down within the OEM Specs.

I made sure that the the crank and cylinder walls had plenty of oil before installing pistons and rods. After everything was torqued down i had to make sure it was spinning free, and that nothing was too tight. So i took a wrench and spun the engine with the main bolt for the engine pulley and the engine spun like a champ!! Not hard at all to turn over, we placed a hand over the cylinder walls. Then i turned the engine to see if it actually made compression, and it did. Even tho this in no way tells me what compression it is, or if its even gonna be holding it. It did tell me that it was tight.

The next step of the build will be to install he oil pickup tube, then the oil pan with some new seals and mount. When that is done there is mostly just things outside of the engine that needs work.

My head is still not finished, need to change all the valve seals. And thats a process itself… I have been focusing on getting the buttom end done and ready before i throw myself into more work.  The car still needs a few more spots welded and fixed, but the worst part is done with that. So as of now, i should be ready before the summer!


All the valve seals in the engine is replaced. The engine is now getting close to finish! Something that hopefully turns out good.

All the spots that needed welding in the enginebay is also done!

We are aiming at getting the enginebay done with paint and all the good stuff in the end of march or early april.

Ive also purchased a new clutch for the SR and ordered replacement oil and coolant lines for the turbo! Getting rid of the standard ones, with some quality onces. Since one of the coolant lines for the turbo had cracked, i understood that this would just be a never ending problem. So that where i decided to swap them out!


After a intense time, i finnaly got the engine bay done.

There was a huge ass project, with welding, fixing removing and so on. The end result turned out beautiful and i could not be more happy about it.

This is some pictures from the engine bay painting

After engine bay was done and all good, there was  a few important things that had to be done. Such as an engine, i worked my ass off the weekend after, and managed to assamble rest of the engine and even put it back!

The car is mostly done now! Engine is in and running all good! Had some problems with the timing, but its solved now!

There is not much done before the car is 100% ready! I need to go over some cables in the engine bay. Front bumper is on, front fenders are put back on! Need a new set of rear tires, since ive had abit of fun with those that currently are on… Other than that i dont think there is more to fix!

To shorten things up!

I found out that i wanted to do something with my S14, i ended up pulling the engine to do a rebuild. i was lucky and found a set with brand new rods and pistons and they where forged ofcourse. i changed all seals and swapped out the water and oil lines for the turbo with some AN Fittings. Fixed all rust in the enginebay, repainted and thats basicly it!

I started in november 2017, and the date i wrote this its the 10th may! ive not been at the garage every day, so its been taking alot more time then it would of. But im now seeing an end to this.

The car got finished, worked like a charm but had some issues with getting it throu emission controll. As i wanted something new i sold it, and got something else.
My first car ever, bought it back in late 2013.

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