2018 is the year

Throu the winter we have been working on a few builds, some of them have came far! We really think 2018 will be the year for us to grow Even bigger! We have put a sight on what goals we want to reach, we will also be updating our build threads soon!


We will be attending to alot of car events this year such as ACR, Gatebil, Euro Rally and a few others! We will be taking all on the journey with us, throu instagram, Snapchat and Facebook!


There is still early february, so we still got time to finish up the cars, and cant wait to see what this summer brings! And we hope to pick up a few new members along the way!


We have also updated our submission form!

if you send a request to join, you will get a mail with an answer that will say whether or not you you got accepted! If you think you got a car that stands out, try !




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