Swifty Panda

SUZUKI swift sport 2015


Car purchased brand new January 2015.
Had early made plans for this car, but this has changed alot along the way. At the beginning I wanted to build a  trackday car, but in the end it turned out as a car for stance and sound. Started by swapping speakers in the car and put in a small sub. Along the way, this has escalated a bit, and eventually offer to be part of the team xmax / b2 audio. Then the possibilities got bigger and bigger, with the expertise of others in the team and easier access to good components. So I decided to take it a step further and rather build a stereo car.
I am always been committed to be bit unique of car choice, i hate to have the same as everyone else. So the choice landed on the swift.



Appearance wise, it started with adding some foil on the roof. It slowly escalated bit and ended up with a fresh foil design for the entire car with a big panda the hood. design + swifty (which has been nicknamed the car) that can be seen on the image. 

Otherwise appearance I’ve switched the rear fog light of a sooty one with daytime running lights in, that fits the car better for clean look. Side indicators were and switched to sooty edition when it looks better.
Got and fitted larger end headed the exhaust to fill diffuser better.



Stereo, rims and suspension

The chassis is switched to kw v1 to get it lower.
Exchanges of EBC brakes around the car, and green stuff brake pads front. In addition painted the clippers red!

The rims so I went for the jr-12 when I thought they would suit the car well, would find some wheels to fit the arches of the car so that they protrude slightly off, to get a little more stance look. They are 17 “x8” with offset at 33. Set on 195 / 40r17 to get some tension.

When it comes to the stereo in my car, it has been a good amount of upgrades. All the time I have been committed to get it to play loud but nice and rich. The entire stereo is from b2 audio.
Hath molded doors to 4×6,5 “b2 hn6p midrange + 1 pc b2 hnt4 horn tweeter. In total I run 8×6,5” + 2xhnt4 in the doors.
All this is driven by a b2 MA1000.4 4channel amplifier providing 175x4wrms. On the subs the choice has fell on b2 audio its hn10. Ive got 2 of these in the car. Then two relatively crude 10 “subs. These are driven by a b2 audio mono v4 monoblock amplifier providing approximately 1800wrms.
This requires a great deal of power, and it is not so much in the original wiring in Swift. So I upgraded to a 140amp alternator (original has 80amp. Switched battery in your car with a stinger spp1200 agm battery, but it was not enough. So assembled into 3 batteries. But as you can see, the car is relatively small, so had not accommodate large batteries. Got hold of 3 small on 15ah per piece. These are also agm and is intended for car audio use. laid up new 50kvadrat cable from dynamo to + on the battery to increase the flow. laid up 67kvadrat through the car 2 of batteries located in the baggage to be able to operate the stereo with enough power.

The result of all the work I’ve put in the car can be seen around the hits this year, and do not be afraid to ask about things. I will happily tell you more about the car and everything!
Like all in all I was very pleased how the result has been. in addition, be able to show that one can get other cars to be cool and unique !